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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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introduce if no deal is reach. >> put a deal on the floor making sure taxes on middle class families don't go up, unemployment insurance is available for two million people and lays ground work for additional deficit reduction and economic growth steps we can take in the new year, let's not miss this deadline that. is the bare minimum we should be able to get done. >> we've been looking at the cost of going over the fiscal cliff. we showed you aá](ny calculatoro help you estimate how much your taxes will go up. we'll take a look at how spending cuts will impact californians, in the bay area. >> mark, thank you. >> our other top story is the weather. another storm system hitting parts of the bay area, reservoirs are now at capacity because of the rain. >> here is a live look from our camera. looking north at the bay, and you can see there is cloud cover there. sandhya patel is tracking the
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storm's path on doppler 7 hd. >> i want to show you where sit raining now. not everyone is seeing moisture reaching the ground. as we take a look, you'll see where the moisture is actually reaching the ground. it's in the north bay. as we look from clover dale towards yu kaia, we're seeing light to moderate rain, eastside road taking you down to street level here, highway 101, there is some more moisture out here, but before we goat that, let's take you in tighter here, and you'll see that like i said, not all of this is reaching the ground. some is what we call verga. this is likely reaching heading towards larksspur. there is more moisture off the coastline here this, system, unlike previous ones, actually skirting the coast. so sheer what is going to happen. computer animation showing you
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at 7:00 p.m. rain in the north bay and along the coastline this, is tonight. and by 11 p.m. some rain starts to shift inland. mount st. helena, we can pick up snow mixing in around lake county mountains. the pink here indicating mount hamilton, mount st. helena. so weather dropping toyvtv 3,000 fee. i'll let you know if wet weather is going to affect your weekend holiday plans and thank you very much. >> today we're getting a much better picture just how much water rains have left behind. >> now, reservoirs are overflowing. >> take a look behind me. a rare, beautiful site. this dam so full of water. so much that it's overflowing
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down this spill wrai. all reservoirs are doing the same thing. take a look at just how much water is spilling off the lake. this is near mount tam. the lake is full. so is bon tempe dam. the water flowing into alpine lake. >> our reservoirs reached capacity that. is the earliest we've done thata8p since 1983. >> in the wint yes, all seven reservoirs didn't fill up until april. >> so this water just blowing through last night. >> it's a welcome site to fisherman. water rationing it's great to see there is a leg up on it already. >> that is right no. water rationing is expected this summer for sure. compliments of all of the recent storms, one more thing, anglers telling us it's making
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fishing pretty mazing, too, up here. >> thank you. >> all of the reservoirs have feed the bay area water supply are in good shape. san francisco public utilities commission tells us it's reservoirs are at 83% of capacity. one of the direct's biggest reservoirs, lexington is at 63%. >> the national weather service confirms a rare touchdown touched down in watsonville over the weekend. take a look at the damage. crews cleaning up the mess left by 75 miles per hour winds. the twister crushed one green house and damaged four others. >> this happened about 7:00. ouréw crew starts at 7:00. so they're just getting ready to come to the green houses to start cutting. and this is -- i'm just so
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thankful nobody was in there. >> owners estimate it will cost]e4 100,000ses today repair the damage. the last reported tornado was 10 years ago. >> part of the scenic hiking trail is closed because of erosion. the national park service blocked off a section of the coastal trail just north of the pacific overlook in san francisco. signs posted to warn hikers and bikers and engineers are working on a repair plan. >> happening now, crews getting ready to reopen highway 1 south of sig -- big sur. road has been closed since sunday because of the rock slide. at partington ridge road. a contractor repaired a 60 foot section of roadway. traffic controllings will be implemented to continue repairs in that area. >> and stay with us on air and online for storm watch coverage. you can get weather alerts through our twitter feed. follow us on abc 7 news bay
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area. >> also happening now, oakland police investigating a driver who led the chp on a high-speed chase ending with the death of a young woman. >> abc 7 news has more on the chase and the deadly crash into a car full of people. >> happening now, oak lend police are trying to figure out why a driver led them on a high-speed chase. the driver of this bmw is now in police custody after he smashed his car into this lincoln just after 11:00. a california patrol spokesman tells abc 7 news that a traffic stop at 90th and bankroft took a dramatic turn when the driver of the bmw sped away. the officers found whit it crashed into the lincoln town car. police say five people in this car never saw the bmw coming and had no time to get out of the way. one person, a woman in her 20s, a passenger was killed. two others taken to the hospital, both with major
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injuries. the other two passengers in the lincoln treated at the scene. police are not identifying any people in the lincoln town car yet. they're looking for a second person who got out of the bmw after it crashed and ran away. nick smith, abc 7 news. >> it was a violent start to the day in oakland. two men shot to death around 1:00 in the morning in west oakland. less than two hours later a woman stabbed and killed miles away oniyip walnut street. those two incidents are not police identified two young men killed as darrell armstrong and a 19-year-old keith davis. police do not have motive for the killing. there have been 130 murders in oakland this year, the most in six years. >> a sixth person has been charged with murder in the death of a man found bound and gagged on a san francisco street this month. a 26-year-old is now among five other people charged with the crime. all of whom have previously pleaded not guilty. the victim, steven read was
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found tide up december 9th on drus brusel street along with a young woman. >> the chief of police reports actions of his officers after they shot and killed a man. the 22-year-old died thursday morning after a confrontation with police at apartments. the chief will not say what banta had a weapon. >> they don't happen in walnut creek often at all. we're safe community. and that particular, this particular incident was confined to that one apartment. no police officer wants to shoot and kill anyone. and if the tragic incident we all wish hadn't happened but it did. >> banta worked in a salon. coming up we'll talk to his co-workers who say he was a kind person, they cannot understand yes was killed. >> stale head on abc 7 news at 4:00 barns and noble gets a big investment in e reader autos staying on storm watch.
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here is another live doppler 7 hd. the storm moving into the bay area right now. next is the accu-weather forecast. >> plus, muni celebrates a big birth day with free rides for everybody. but riders are still not happy. >> a sobriety check point being set up to crack down on drunk drivers. however, a silicon valley lawmaker thinks technology would be a good deterrenta too. we'll have a live report still to come. >> and on the last weekend of 2012 we thought it would be friday light traffic. right? not a chance. look at that. didn't they do shopping already? these are still return autos exactly. weather that did not fit.
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in san francisco, people being treated to a ride on muni for free to celebrate the 100th birthday. many wishes were to do a better job. and muni hopes to do just that. >> hop on a muni train today or a bus. and it won't cost you anything. >> happeny birthday from muni. a system some love. >> i think mun gee one of the greatest transportation lines. >> there is some don't love. >> time to get serious about getting places on time. >> this is not mature enough
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at 100? >>÷ it was, i'd be on time to work every day. >> in the g it's unreliable. i think my opinion, you know... it's -- you know rare it's on time. >> a agree. >> that comes from muni director of transportation. sometimes frustrated muni rider himself. he looks down the road on the track or the floor level of a train, you can see a better second 100 years for muni. >> mta board approved a significant investment in the maintenance of the system. we're buying new buses and hiring more mechanics and more operators so i think that we'll see an improvement. >> that would be welcome news to the 700,000 weekday riders. >> most of the time everything works well. just happy it's continuing to work. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> mr. quinn can did make the train it and was on time. we looked at present and future of muny. if you want to take a look at the past go to our web site. click on see it on tv. take a look at some fot heo goesing way back, 100 years. >> federal changes could mean of in flight internet. >> and a international publishing house buys a stake in barns and noble nook division. >> yes. a british publishing company is investing in barns and noble. the investment values in nook just under $1.8 billion. barns and mobile has been losing money as it finds
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growth of e books is outpace peesing that despite 50 shades of gray and the like. do you ever wish internet access is making it easier for airlines to install internet. new rules up to 50% faster, fcc considers each on a case by case basis.jun,ñ now, new rules let test systems to meet fcc standards. and get the faa approval a lot faster. well, apple and an droid extraordinarily popular this christmas season. research firm floory says 7.4 million apple and an droid devices were activated on christmas day. two and a half times greater than last year's.bwiw and let's check on the market stocks fell on continued concerns, shares pushing your
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bloomberg silicon valley index lower, news corps expanding the reach finding out fox sports unit bought sports time ohio from cleveland indians and is paying $400 million for rights to broadcast their games. the deal comes a month after news corps took a 49% stake in the yes network, which broadcasts yankees game. i'm cory johnson with bloomberg west, cheryl, dan, back to you. >> the u.s. economy still hasn't fully recovered from the recession but banks are doing just fine. financial institutions ending the year with the best profits since 2006. and fewer banks failing since the crisis hit four years ago. only 51 banks closed their doors this year, compared to 157 two years ago. the come back being fueled by people and businesses taking out loans and repaying them. that is some banks caution they've shed jobs and bad
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loans. >> sandhya patel is here. >> yes. and now, it's getting interesting. we have snow mixing in. weather is changing from mount tamalpais camera. you can see&añ clouds out there. it's breezy. rain has been falling in the north bay. check out our live doppler 7 hd. we have radar on mount st. helena. this is in combination keeping you haeftd storm and right now, you'll see rain. i'm going to switch it over to rain-snow mix. we're seeing some snow. peak is indicating rain snow mix. also, around cobb mountain. these are high elevations. this is rain taking you in closer, you can see around sea ranch, highway 1, stewart
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point. light rainfall now. it's not raining everywhere. around marin county area, highway mill valley seeing light returns, temperatures on the cold side. these are current readings. it's only 43 in fairfield. 44 in antioch. and 49 in fremont. snow is possible here in the bay area, we're seeing it to the north. you're looking at a cold start with patchy frost. weekend is not a complete wash out. here is the system. it's just going to skirt the coast. we'll go with light rain tonight with this system as it continues to move down south. you'll notice rain along the coast, light, mostly.
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could be briefly mod lit. at midnight we're seeing possibility of snow and this rainfall switches over to rain and snow over mount hamilton indicated by pink there and showers may linger into early afternoon hours. rainfall totals not terribly impressive. a tenth to quarter inch. high surf advisory 10:00 p.m. tonight until saturday, 10:00 p.m. swells 10-14 feet. strong rip currents and large breaking waves are possible so please, be careful out there if you're going to dhek out. morning lows not quite as cold as this morning. and that is because of the cloud cover and the rain so mid-40s. you'll see scattered showers with possibility of snow over higher hills. highs for saturday, staying
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cool. upper 40s to low 50s under partly cloudy skies. low to mid-50s foremost parts. for saturday, partly cloudy conditions other than isolated showers. my accu-weather forecast is featuring broft sunday morning. these are the biggest changes. week system new year's eve will bring in a slight chance of showers in the north bay. monday afternoon is not going to last. the first day of the new year will bring in rain, wednesday, late. a weak system coming in next week, but if you have new year's eve plans don't worry about it. >> coming up next, new fbi files on mary lynn monroe. officials concerned about what they reveal about one of her closest friends. >> tom cruise and katie holmes making headlines. what's happening now, six months after the big divorce. >> and later on, pep rallies today ahead of a college
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weekend weekend. how businesses are wash cashing in on the kraft fight hunger bowl. >> outside we go again in i 08 area of berkeley. you can see at 4:22, on this friday afternoon, busy in both directions. >> oh, my goodness. i really thought this is going to be easy way to get into the weekend. >> yes. i know. sorry, folk autos stay with us.
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wow. marilyn monroe may have been a
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sex symbol but the fbi viewed her as a potential communist. and money from her production company taking in place of the communist party. monroe was married at that time and new information on her dmej 1962 or any;ñ1: efforts by the bureau to investigate rumors she had been killed. >> more news in hollywood. les miserables losing it's spot. >> and latest buzz on katie holmes and tom cruise its been six months since the big splx between tom cruise and katie holmes. now, buzz n on one question is cruise dating again? reports that he was seen spending time with a new york restaurant man gerks then this, month, cruise reportedly seen in sweden with another woman. but according to his rep dating talk is rumors they're denying both claims.
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>> no men reported in holmes live but she's saying an early goodbye to her broadway gig. it opened last month to poor reviews this, was her second time on broadway. the first in 2008 with production "all my sons". the hobbit made it's way back to the top of the box office. the movie briefly dropped to number two on christmas day. but after just two daj#[3ñ, lesmis is now second best. the hobbit expectedded to stay at number one throughout the weekend. for more movie, tv andá?vc celebrity news any time cruise over to >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 families in the making and turmoil today after russia's president signsç5kw a w that affects many u.s.
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parents. >> a crack down the new bill making it harder for people with conventions to get behind the wheel. >> pg&e has a warning about a threatening call being made to the elderly. >> 2012 comes to a close, you can take a take a look at top seven news stories on abc 7
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a tougher drunk driving
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bill introduced in sacramento to crack down on repeat offenders requiring an in car sobriety device to start the vehicle. abc 7 news is live in a busy cupertino intersection where a check point will be on operation later this evening, we understand. right, david? >> that is correct. local police agencies and the chp are backing a bill by state senator hill that calls for the use of technology to crack down on drunk driving. while the vo bri ti check points can be effective, hill believes stronger deterrents are needed. the thinking over proposed crack down to address what the sthait senator says is a high rate of drunk driver wloz don't modify behaviors and citess(mgp 2009's statistics, recent numbers available. >> there are 161,000 dui arrestsu5pand convictions in
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california. 27% repeat offender autos a second conviction would require a driver to buy and install an ignition intercept device this, is video post bid several showing how they work. there is a breath sample taken. law enforcement agencies say check points such as this one help to intercept drunk drivers and take them off of the streets. redwood city police officers have checked 15,000 vehicles so far this holiday period. and made 18 arrests. they support the bill. >> this legislation is being propose today is actually needed to be added as part of the arsenal that we have in detering people that may not just have the will, dedication or moral fort tud to not drive drunk. >> the device costs about $100 but requires ongoing cal braigs to ensure accuracy that can run an additional $50 to
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$100 every two months. mothers against drunk driving would prefer laws tougher. >> i prefer they're installed on every dui convicted person's car. this is a great stop gach. >> four california counties are in the middle of a pilot project in which those devices are required after the first dui conviction. and is hoping that feed back from that pilot project might provide ammunition it needs for a tougher law. >> writers on edge after another person was pushed into an oncoming train and killed. witnesses say a woman was following a man mum bling to herself, when the man stood near the edge of the platform she rushed and pushed him in front of the train. police are still looking for that woman, seen on
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surveillance video running from thçwz subway station. this is the second deadly push at a new york subway station this month. and in new jersey, three police officers were shot while booking a man in their station. the man being processed for a domestic violence incident. police say he became violent and grabbed a gun and opened fire. treated and released officers were hit. >> a strike that threatened to shut down east coast ports this weekend has been avoided. the long shoreman union agreed to extend the contract 30 days while negotiations continue on a collective bargaining agreement. the current contract was set to expire sunday morning. a strike could wo havei]+&÷ affected 40% of u.s. ports on the west coast are not involved in this. >> human rights activists denouncing vladimir putin's signing of a law banning
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americans from adopting russian children saying orphans have become small change in a political game. the latest on this emotional story for hundreds of you us parents. official friday morning signing a fwoil prevent american families from adopting russian observe yanz. it's breaking the hearts of american couples in the process of becoming parents. many children have special needs. brit and jamie were trying to adopt a russian baby with down syndrome. the law stopped him from leaving russia. >> it's unbelievable that that is where you're at this, little boy we consider one of our children, already. >> the law is in retaliation for a law calling for sanctions against russian official who's violated human rights. the move angered russian who's argue it victimizes children to make a political point. kayla was first named olga.
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she is the first baby born in moscow to be adopted by an american feem faem. >> make meez feel i have a family here versus there, i would be in an orphanage. >> american as doptd over 60,000 russian dmirn 20 year buzz officials point to 19 children who died after being adopted by american parents there. is a case of a 7-year-old who was sent back to russia by his adoptive mother carrying a note saying he'd become too difficult to handle. state department issued a statement today expressing deep regret over the law calling it politically motivated. the u.s. asking children that bonded with parents ak loued to finish up process so they can join families here in the united states. abc news, new york. >> listen to this. visit your parents that, is an order in china the country's legislature amendmented laws to require adult children to
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visit their aging parents, if they don't pairngts who feel neglected can take them to court. the amendment does not smes fi how frequently, just often. >> oh, boy.4 , treating dogs for depression. turning out a special treatment working for people may work for pets, too. >> plus, take a look at this. a man goes to extreme lengths to rescue a dprog a freezing lake. >> i'm sandhya patel from our camera banning -- panning around, you can see clouds gathering. some of you getting rain and now, sprinkles showing up in san francisco. i'll track it for you. the weekend forecast is coming up. >> taking a look at traffic on the bridge right now, if folks are happy they're just
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an afternoon walk turned into an ordeal for a michigan man and hunting dog. the pair were walking when a hound dog wandered away, fell through the ice. you can see him there, my goodness. the cousin rubbed the dog's back to keep him calm, and warm he went to the dog and actually crawled on the belly on the ice then golt to him. lifted up the dog on the ice. the rescue put a boat there, hauled him into the boat. >> wow. getting the 11-year-old out wasn't easy. a rescue yir fell in and had to crawl out to safety. the dog is doing just fine. this58.p is zpilt being in freezing water for an hour and a half. >> you may not know it but your dog may be feeling blues from gray weather we've been having. turns out vets think dogs may suffer from seasonal
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aaffective disorder. dogs can lose their appetites or have accidents in the house, maybe when they normally don't z an entrepreneur came up with the an artificial sunlight generator and says light stimulate dog's brains. our dog, molly, does feel down when weather is poor. you can tell, she does. >> wow. you need this box. >> yes. >> spencer christian is away. and there is no sunshine right there. >> waiting for natural soul will return before you know carry your umbrellas tonight. we're seeing rain showing up, most has been light. most has been light. hills. you can see cobb mountain picking up snow indicated by blue and white. it's low enough to see a little bit of white mix nchlgt lighter rainfall around
4:40 pm
tiburon. sprinkles around san pabro areas. so we're seeing just spotty returns there. not all of this is reaching the ground. snow is if if you're traveling through the east coast tomorrow, it's going to be cold in fargo. 11 degrees believe it or not. up towards portland, seattle, into 40s with rain, lower elevations and higher elevations of snow. watch out for snow showers in the afternoon. 29 degrees snow up towards northern california mountains. fresno, 56. los angeles seeing a chance of rain by afternoon. now, the light rain tonight turning to morning showers, then, tomorrow afternoon, most will be winding down, cool upper 40s to low 50s, sunday morning is dry with frost, sunday afternoon, sunny.
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the holiday weekend is looking just fine. don't cancel plans, party on. >> yes. first very to make plan autos yes. get to those plan autos yes. >> thank you very much.ú)j+o >> and coming up next a family feud, a college student going to court to get a restraining order against her parents. she says they staublged here former president on former president george hw bush's health. how he's staying in good spirits during this time. >> and it's almost time to ring in the new year, meaning popping open a bottle of bubbley so. we're going to take a look at best and woflt and find out do you have to spend a
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here is a new oneful a family feud tlod a unique court case. a 21-year-old music theater major filed a restraining order against her parents for stalking her n an interview with abc news says she took a legal action against her parents after realizing they had installed monitoring software on her computer and her phone. she says her parents behavior
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made her feel like a dog with a collar. >> my mom has been overly involved boy have to get on skype and show them i was in the dorm room or there are nights i had to leave skype on all night. my mom would watch me sleep. >> she claims her parents have been diagnosed with co-dependency. they call her an only child catered to all of her life. mediator told the irelands they were the issue. >> well, they're getting bubbley ready in the state of maine. and a law legalizing same-sex marriage takes affect tomorrow. city hall open tomorrow and will give out marriage licenses. a similar law in maryland takes affect january 1. it's legal in washington state. x/ñ the first to approve by popular vote. >>e-= former president george w
4:46 pm
bush is getting better but still in intensive care. a family spokesman says the 88-year-old is alert and in good spirits. he says the former president intersection with doctors and nurses now includes making jokes and singing. a long time aide to the 41 president is telling well wishers to quote, put harps back in the closet. he's been hospitalized since november 23rd moved sunday for treatment of a fever following a bronchitis-related cough. seems to be doing better. >> michael finney is here now with an important alert from pg&e. >> yes. yes dale tails on it. >> listen to this. pg&e is warning us a man with an accent is calling senior citizens0lb>÷ telling them servs will be put off unless providing credit card or gift card information. and of course, pg&e tells us this is a scam. they will never ask for this over the phone. they want anyone targeted to
4:47 pm
contact police. pg&e working with law enforcement to try to catch this guy. if you feel comfortable talking to us, feel free to call us here, we'll help you out. >> there is something more festive. >> right. new years is on the way. there is a taste test. >> we're ready for that. and looking for a festive champagne can fill the bill. consumer reports just looked at sparkling wines with, and without the french pedigree to see if you can indull wealth out splurging at the register. >> whit comes to sparkling wines, turns out there is cause for celebration. wine experts at consumer reports tested 11 sparkling wines costing from $5 to 37s oodz if you want to find a good sparkling wine there are plenty of choices. >> consumer reports says that when it comes to sparkling wines a higher price doesn't
4:48 pm
necessarily mean higher quality. four wines tested including this $30 bottle of french champagne weren't good enough to make consumer reports initial cut. >> they were okay but had off notes. so we concentrated on better wines in test. >> after swirling, sniffing, and sipping, three were named consumer reports best buys. among them, this california vitner. smooth with hints of red fruit. costing just $16 per bottle. for $14 this from new mexico rated higher, combining with yeasty flavors in a nice mix of tropical fruit. apple, pear. >> for sparkling wines, these were great combination of both price, and quality. >> go ahead, enjoy bubbley at the next dinner party. >> when drinking sparkling wine, consumer reports says pay attention to how it feels in the mouth. better quality spankeling
4:49 pm
wines have nice, fine bubbles opposed to large, coors bubbles than seltzer water or the champagne that i buy. >> tiny bubbles are the deal. >> yes. >> football fans in indianapolis psyched for the weekend. it's not just a game against a division rival but return of the coast. welcome him back for the first time since being diagnosed with leukemia. >> and tens of thousands of football plans in town this weekend. they're here for tomorrow's college bowl game here at at and t park. details on the boosts they're going to be giving the city, coming up live. >> then, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 a war chest of guns taken off the streets we're going show you arsenal of weapons collected cure during a buy back in one city. >> and taking a drive down memory lane, how to get your hands on one of these license
4:50 pm
plates, at 5:00. >> now, what is ahead on world news at 5:30. >> great to see you. tonight on world news at 11th hour meeting we asked deal or no deal. will taxes be going up in four days? also, into eastern part of the country a giant winter storm, potential travel impact coming up. and then, holiday trip that is turning into a nightmare for hundreds of americans who thought they're on a great holiday vacation this, is despite warning frtz captain. what is kx;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ;ñ$x
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last game will be an emotional one for fans of the indianapolis colts. td head coach will be back on the side lines coaching for the first time since september. he was diagnosed with leukemia. and using him as a rallying point the team fwrent the worst to a playoff team. >> so... any way, he says what time is the game? i said about 1:00 today.
4:54 pm
he said you should be out of here by noon. >> this week he will be on the side lines surround by fans who shaved their heads. he will get a look at the signs that now pepper the stadium. >> giants ballpark now all decked out this weekend. sky 7 shows you the field all dressed up, and ready to go. abc 7 news says everybody's spirits are high.oó,>oy÷
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>> we brought in $130 million for the san francisco economy. >> again, the game is not sold out so if you'd like to check out a bowl game and pomp and circumstance going with it, you can. still buy tick jits online, and also, here at the at and t box office. reporting live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> and that is it for us. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc gift to you thisw holiday season is a pair of free apps to down load our
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alarm clock app and our app is available for all of those devices as well as ipad. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> wild weather on the central coast. a rare tornado touching down in watsonville, leaving a nursery cleaning up for day autos local reservoirs at capacity and the record water levels that haven't been seen >> i'm sandhya patel. live doppler 7 hd tracking a system now. where it's raining and where it's snowing and if this will affect your weekend plans coming up. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jeng autos we're on storm watch today, reservoirs filled with rain water throughout the bay area. >> and this is what it looked like in the north bay. all of the water basins are spilling over.
4:58 pm
of all of the rain in the bay area. >> this tree came crashing down in a menlo park neighborhood. and it took power lines witness. crews along the scene trying to restring wire autos taking you live outside right now to our mount tam tam camera. conditions gloomy now. rainfall being tracked by live doppler 7. >> that is right. we have our own radar this, is tracking rain. let's show it to you. it's combining with the monterey national weather service radar. keeping you ahead of the storm. getting you down to street level in just a moment here. it's snowing now around cobb mountain. looking here, cobb mountain is taking up is that that snow. it's at 4720 feet. so, you can see some snow there. the pink is an indication of rain, snow mix. we've had a call in our abc 7 newsroom indicating that there
4:59 pm
was snow, and this is being confirmed by our radar here, let me show you other parts of the bay area, notice off the coastline, we're seeing light to moderate rain. the system is not all reaching the ground. showing you central parts of the bay, i want to see where they're showing you sprinkles. embarcadero heading out towards richmond bridge, you can see richmond parkway here is animation at 7:00 tonight. rain along the coast, it's very light z if this will progress inland, could see snow falling up in the mountains again. and mount hamilton may be picking up snow. light to moderate rain at best. 5:00 a.m. indicating rain snow mix so once again, we're keeping that in the forecast. will you be able to put umbrella ways for weekend plans? i'll et know coming up. >> rare tornado touchdown in santa cruz county
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